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Leland Powell
YouTube Star
December Dec 24 2008
11 Years
Birth Place:
United States
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Also known as "Kid Temper Tantrum," he is one of the stars of the YouTube channel Oh Shiitake Mushrooms. He is often the subject of his parent's skits on the channel.

Before Fame

His family's YouTube channel reached its first 100 subscribers by April of 2016.


A side channel was created for him called lelands awesome videos. He is seen pranking his sister, hanging with the family and showing off new toys on the channel.

Family Life

He has younger sisters named Leanna and London. His mom and dad run the Oh Shiitake Mushrooms YouTube channel.

Associated With

His parents used the YouTube channel for other purposes in years past. The first video on the channel, published in July of 2010, featured footage of Karl Malone talking to fans on "The Mailman's" 47th birthday.


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